Kelly Mulry's Portfolio & Résumé

This portfolio is currently under construction. It doesn't 100% show my skills yet. You can, however, check out my web development projects to see completed works.


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Hello there!

I'm Kelly Mulry

You may know me better as trainerkelly (the "trainer" is figurative).

– Creative with a capital "C", aspiring entrepreneur, web developer, author, illustrator, and a pretty passionate person.

I've been making websites since I was in elementary school and gradually learned to code HTML & CSS mostly on my own while I was still in school. Websites are my favorite way to share what I love and am passionate about!

I got my first true introduction to JavaScript in 2019, but was left with no clue on how to actually use it until I relearned it in 2023. Then I built an app to help me learn over 3000 Japanese words from a custom wordlist.

I don't really have a lot of certifications because I tend to just take the information and use it. If I do have a certification, you can generally assume I didn't really use it outside of the course. Maybe with the exception to Japanese. And anything I have proof of otherwise.

I've been drawing 2001 and writing since 2002. My style for drawing is influenced by anime & manga, while my writing is influenced by light novels. It has always been my job, even if it hasn't always looked that way.

I have over 10+ years of retail and customer service experience, including about 2~3 years of leadership experience.

I'm a passionate manga fan and read in both English and Japanese (even if I don't understand much at the moment). I also love light novels. I enjoy RPG/action/adventure video games. I enjoy anime as well, but I don't watch it too often because I'm more of reader than a watcher. When I'm not working or learning, I'm probably reading manga or playing video games.


I'm usually learning something at any given moment. This gives you a sense of what I'm interested in doing and what I'm actively pursuing. Think I would be the perfect fit, if only I had certain skills? Perhaps I'm learning it right now – checkback in 2 ~ 3 months to see where I am.

Currently Learning

  • Firebase
  • Git, Github, Version Control
  • Japanese (JLPT Level N5~N1)
  • Upcoming Learning

    • APIs – working with & building
    • Databases
    • SQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • Authentication and Security
    • React.js
    • Decentrialized Apps & Cryptocurrency
    • Additional Node.js
    • MongoDB
    • Vue.js

    Current Courses

    Web Development



    • HTML
    • CSS
      • CSS Grid
      • CSS Flexbox
    • Basic JavaScript
    • VS Code
      • Previously Used: Brackets
      • Previously Used: Adobe Dreamweaver
    • Basic Accessibility
    • Developer Tools: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome
    • Testing & Troubleshooting across multiple browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
    • Responsive Websites
    • JSON
    • GitHub
    • Node.js with Express.js


    • Affinity Photo & Designer (what I actively use for graphics)
    • Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
    • Color Theory


    • Searching for solutons
    • Adapting found solutions to present issue
    • Average 85 ~ 95 WPM

    I have a bit of understanding of UX Design and wireframing, but I generally find it really boring to do myself unless it's a project I'm 100% responsible to start and see to completion.

    I also have briefly used Bootstrap, GIT, PostgreSQL (super fun!), BASH, and a bit of APIs.


    TrainerKelly's Japanese Learning Session

    Version 1.1.1

    I wanted to build an app inspired by HooLogic's RealKana, but for vocabulary since January 2022. I wanted to learn from a custom word list I had made, but had no easy & efficent way to study it.

    Around March/April 2023, I decided to sit down and properly learn JavaScript using a combination of freeCodeCamp and Scrimba. At the end of July 2023, I was frustrated that the app *did not exist yet* and realized I now have the skills to build it.

    So I did.

    This is only version 1. There are a handful of glitches and other issues, but the basic functionality (select words, type the word, and validate it) all work as needed.

    You can view the work-in-progress of the application on YouTube. Watch as it goes from basic functionality to a full-blown app!

    Art Commissions by Kelly Mulry

    You can learn more about my art commissions in the Personal & Business Projects.

    I am including this in my web development projects because I utilized many skills (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, design, copywriting). It's one of the few finished pieces I have on the internet.

    Personal & Business Projects

    TrainerKelly's Network

    This is a passion project: personal and business. I don't want to talk about it too much right now. You can, however, view the temporary homepage

    You probably noticed – this portfolio you are on right now is hosted on it.

    Art Commissions by Kelly Mulry

    I make custom illustrations for people. I offer two styles: Vibrant Daydreams and Chibi. I specialize in what I call "anime selfies", though I enjoy drawing fan charcters and original characters too. Art commissions are currently limited to a single character with no or super simple backgrounds.

    Other Projects


    Disclaimer: This is my husband's YouTube channel.

    Hurricane500000 is a YouTuber with over 5000 subscribers. He specializes in video game parody videos and commentary with additional voice acting provided by him or someone else.

    I have provided graphics and illustrations from time-to-time; provided commentary; and I have provided voices.

    Graphics & Illustration Samples

    Coming Soon

    Select Series I Have Voiced In